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Cables and Custom wire

Marsh Electronics’ MarVac Assemblies Division has the wire processing equipment to work with all types of insulated wire. Marsh can handle stranded wire with gauges ranging from 4 Augt to 32 AWG. Our high quality custom wire processing equipment and wiring harness services meet WHMA/IPC-A-620 industry standards. Our equipment and assembly processes are applied to a wide variety of assembled products, such as: welders, power supplies, heaters, lighting fixtures, refrigeration equipment, off road vehicles, printed circuit boards and electrical system assemblies. We also offer a broad range of wire processing capabilities, including cutting, marking, strip/retain, twisting, crimping, and terminating ends.

Along with wire processing, Marsh Electronics stocks custom high voltage, high current extremely flexible cable from Methode Electronics. We can meet our customer’s production needs by cutting and re-spooling to the appropriate quantity needed and relabeled per UL requirements.

Marsh Electronics is an ISO9001 2015 Certified company.